May = Birthdays

...at least around here it does!

Numerous friends and family celebrate this month - including me - and its also the month when some of my all time favourite friends from school days celebrate and those dates have always stuck with me.

I fully admit though I'm super lousy at sending cards. I'm fabulous at buying them, filling them in, addressing and even putting stamps on them.  I just have a problem with mailing or delivering them.  Nonetheless I always do remember those people on their special May days. So between celebrating family birthdays and remembering birthdays of friends with cards I can't seem to send haunting me the whole month you can see how May really is the birthday month in my mind.

In the whole month though, today is my favourite because its the anniversary of the arrival of  this spectacular human being...
Since he was three months old, that smile has been an almost permanent fixture on his face.  It does feature more teeth now though! (And the head - at least for the moment, has a lot more hair.)

He's requested spaghetti and Banana Chocolate cake for dinner.  I'll also make a salad - he'll enjoy pushing it around on his plate; and garlic bread - he'll enjoy pushing that down his throat!

The festivities won't be helpful for knitting. I did rip back the Cabling on Tangled Yoke as planned so maybe after the dishes are done tonight I'll be able to squeeze in taking a run at the set up row. 

And speaking of squeezing in knitting, it suddenly occurred to me I need some car knitting ASAP as the first long weekend of the summer and opening of the cottage is this weekend! I'm thinking about socks for that purpose and I have a few tantalizing possibilities in my wee tiny stash.

Retro Rib Socks from Interweave's "Favourite Socks" using my new "Tanis" yarn is currently leading the pack.

No doubt the butter has now sufficiently softened to allow for creaming - I'd better get to baking that cake! Have a great day!


Acorn to Oak said...

What a great smile! Happy birthday to him! Have a great day!

I can't believe it's time to take trips to your cottage again. It seems like you just closed it up for the winter.

I like those Retro Rib Socks. Happy knitting! Your excitement to get knitting again is contagious! :-D

Sandra said...

OUr family months are November and September - at least 5 family birthdays in each!
And we're heading to the cottage Friday night. The silver grey cardigan will be my car knitting!

Michele said...

In my house today would be Mother's Day for your son. Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Birthday to him. The cake sounds yummy, can you share the recipe?
Love the sock pattern. I'm looking forward to the pictures as you get going.

Brenda said...

What a cutie! I'll bet he's 'happy' you shared that picture. Have fun at the cottage. I hope the black flies aren't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to him!!!! And the celebration sounds great!

Stephanie said...

My brother's birthday is this month too! I just sent him a card, 10 days early just to make sure. It's probably the only thing this month I'm on top of. I wish I had a May birthday though, it's such a lovely month usually...

Happy birthday to you (sometime this month) and a belated happy birthday your son!