It must (better!) be the off season...

The weather, the garden, the long, long hours of sunny daylight, opening the cottage - I'm utterly engaged with springtime activity and to be honest, feeling no compulsion to knit or apparently even pay attention to the date!

I don't know about warmer climes where the distinction between winter and summer is less extreme than it is here or where the variation in the quantity of daylight hours isn't as great as it is in Toronto but the months that are marked by dark and cold seem to be just made for knitting where these first heady weeks of temperate conditions feel just the opposite.

Its like daylight, temperature and rainfall suddenly rule the world whereas in winter hereabouts we have to just go on with our plans whatever the situation is outside - ignoring it (and often shovelling) as best we can. At this time of year though, whether its Wednesday or Thursday - oops, I got those confused this week and missed Interweave Knits' Sandi Wisehart's speech at the DKC! Whether its the 21st or 22nd, oops I mixed those up too - its Spring! It feels like its been forever in coming this year!

The sun creeps through the bedroom window earlier and earlier every day calling me to head outside. By the time I stop moving in the evening many, many hours later my arms and wrists feel like lead and I'm fighting to stay awake.

I don't want to snuggle into a chair with my knitting after dinner when there is still so much spring outside and more sunny hours available to enjoy it in even after the dishes are done!

I don't think I'm alone - knitblogland seems pretty quiet - designers are busy, some knitters are finishing up neglected WIP's from the winter but when I troll on line looking to get inspired I just don't.

I was thinking it was me but now I think 'tis just not the season. 

(It better not be! If I'm losing interest in knitting along with my understanding of the passage of time I've got bigger problems that a 3/4 finished cardigan and a pair of ribbed socks I can't get excited about or a birthday greeting I may have prematurely sent off across the internets!)

I will take my knitting knorth of course. I'll try to keep track of whether its Saturday or Sunday. In the screened porch - impervious to swarming blackflies I may just settle into some knit and purls as I drink in the warm spring breeze.  I hope whatever the weekend brings you - its a good one! Thanks for dropping by!


Brenda said...

It's the season. At the store, sales always dropped off dramatically in the spring. Sometimes, they picked up in the heat of mid-summer - after the gardens were all looked after and the air conditioned room seemed like a nice place to sit in the heat of the day.

Stephanie said...

Most definitely the season. I haven't been blogging much either (although I got some knitting time in while in transit from one beautiful place to another), and it is definitely partly the weather to blame. I just want to hang out outside all the time and drink in the sunshine, and even though I don't do much... well, I'm exhausted by the end of the day, too. I figure it's my body converting all that sunshine to vitamin D. ;) It's too bad I still have a ton of work to do for school. I'd like to not have to worry about that on weekends anymore.

Sandra said...

Definitely the season. ALthough, the cardigan I'm knitting on is lightweight enough to knit on outside - so it goes to baseball games and out on the deck instead of to the couch after dinner!
And of course to the cottage when we can get there!

Tina said...

Yep, it's the season! Same with me - was in a real knitting mood during those rainy cold days at the end of this long winter – it got warmer, I finally found lots of things to do in the garden and the knitting went to nearly zero. Now that the garden is at a point where I can mostly watch and do a bit here and do a bit there I am hoping that my knitting fun comes back. Sitting in the shade with an iced tea and knitting on a little sock does sound good at least.