I'm busy eating

My metabolism feels wonky. I'm out of energy mid afternoon, craving sugar and caffeine, my mood all over the place and I'm never satisfied by what I eat but eating more yields only a disgustingly overstuffed feeling. Time to get things sorted!

First step - Eat every two hours through the day. Nothing to eat after 7:30 p.m..

Second - No "whites" (sugar, flour or wine - actually no alcohol but if I'm going to have a drink white wine is my dinner hour beverage of choice - hence the label "white")

Third - Prepare to white knuckle through the inevitable cravings while paying attention to what my body is telling me it really needs.

This works for me. Its simple, taking only concentration to keep up the eating schedule and keep from eating (drinking) junk.

I'll feel fantastic within a very few days. Everything will flow easily from that even keeled and comfortable sensation of being satisfied but did I mention how much energy and concen....oh yeah, I already covered that...sorry I'm clearly preoccupied.

I'm mentally "busy" with it - focused. 

I have to be because while the cookies seem to be screaming at me from the cookie tin they are drowning out the good information my body is trying to give me on what it needs...water?...protein?...a big salad?...a small portion of fruit? Maybe I don't need to eat at all, I just need to sit still for 10 minutes or do a few stretches. ("All negative sensations can not be resolved with food!" - I keep telling myself) If I can be sensitive to what's being "requested" by my body (this as distinct from the cookies being "demanded" by my brain) the physical feeling of being satisfied follows almost immediately thereafter.  I could eat the whole tin of cookies and defer sitting down for 10 minutes but then I'd crash half an hour later once the sugar high is passed so what really is the point of doing it in the first place?)

But old habits die so very hard and all of it means I have to make dinner so early! But I'm on day four and already feeling much better...oh would you just look at the time - I have to run - I have a snack scheduled...thanks for dropping by - have a great day!

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Stephanie said...

This is such an interesting idea. I wonder if it would help me with my eating problems. But I STILL don't like cooking, hence I eat fairly little lately and then don't have much energy through the day! So frustrating.