Doesn't this look like a really, really fun place to visit? It depends on who you ask. (My menfolk find visiting an LYS gives instant heartburn) I find sitting in a car on a beautiful day, held hostage by swarms of black flies  - even with knitting to do! - tedious for the first 15 minutes and full on irritating thereafter. (Check out the rear view mirror - the excitement in front of the car actually extends all the way around it!) This is a winter boat storage place. Specifically one of our winter boat storage places! (The affordability of used boats and frequent availability of boats other people are just willing to give you if you'll haul it away makes having a pseudo collection entirely possible.) My Beloved can justify every one. Think yarn here - is it possible to have too much/many? Depends on who you ask.

In fairness, boats are necessary to our brand of water access cottaging. (Kind of like warm woolly knits in a cold northern climate.) And our "craft" do see lots of use every year. 

(One exception is a wooden boat that was atop a used trailer we were buying and the vendor didn't want to have to dispose of it himself. Part of the deal was taking the boat with the trailer. He thought we'd take it right to the dump. We didn't. It  received a lot of attention when our now University aged Darling Daughter was still in diapers but it kind of slipped off the list (out of the proverbial "Knitting Basket") and is still in mid renovation - It hasn't seen the water, except from a distance in many years - a true nautical WIP in full hibernation and full view at the front of the cottage - oh well.)

Anyway so we stopped by this local hot spot Saturday morning en route to the cottage not to pick up our boat, or fix it or make arrangements for its delivery. Just. To. Look.
See him in there?... seriously its just like they're rummaging the yarn stash.

After what felt like an eternity they did tear themselves away, heading for the marina where our primary mode of water transportation was launched last week. Speeding across the lake, the only boat in sight on a sparkling and warm late spring morning is of course very much like wearing a new, perfectly fitting FO - nothing but bliss...

During the ride I looked down and smiled when I saw this...

Number One Son's shoes are in tatters but the boat is sporting shiny new bumpers - a perfect parallel for Addi Turbos!

Once at the cottage the afternoon was filled with non-nautical odd jobs. We needed to figure out where all the ants are coming from and going to! The smoke detector batteries needed changing and the washer on the hot water tank intake had dried out creating a bit of a leak. Then things degenerated into widespread napping. We played a couple of rounds of Tangrams - soooo much harder than it looks while our dinner roasted,warming the cottage and filling it with aromas of delicious things to come...

Its amazing how just carefully cooking good fresh food allows the natural flavour to come out, takes so little time and effort and yet makes a totally satisfying meal.  I thought the roasted chicken legs and asparagus looked particularly rustic as they came out of the oven. 

Sunday we left after breakfast (and after re-arranging all the furniture in the living room just for kicks).  It was great to get away - even for 24 hours - even, yes even, to pat the boat and chase the ants. Cottaging and Boats, Knitting and Yarn it keeps us entertained and helps us relax - these things seem so disparate but really, when I take the time to look closely the similarities are striking!

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Acorn to Oak said...

It looks like a beautiful area. I'd love to see more pictures. Did you figure out where the ants were coming from and going to? Ants can be so frustrating for such tiny little things. Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing evening.