A Reluctant Frolicker

Bright and early Saturday morning I headed to the DKC Frolic - the big annual yarn bazaar organized by the Toronto Downtown Knit Collective. I lucked into the last parking spot in the main lot and I was in the show within a few minutes of the doors opening.

Once inside...I looked around...waiting for the magic of so many knitters and yarn and patterns to engage me...but all I felt was...nothing.

I'm a reluctant shopper at the best of times and My Beloved had admonished me to "be sure to buy something!" so I dutifully bought Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitter's Almanac"within minutes of walking in the door. It's been on my list for a while...The little pocketbook features the typical Zimmermanesque - colourless newsprint - not instantly inspirational but it was on my list so a practical victory could be claimed. Still I was waiting to feel that lift I was so sure would come from a Yarn Frolic!

But still, my mood stayed flat line.

To actively boost my spirits I thought I should leave the books behind and look at yarn. I soon found myself seriously considering a lovely skein of grey fingering weight from the adorable Tanis called "Storm".  Tanis offers 25 wonderful colourways across her four weights of hand dyed yarn. The only one that drew my attention was dark grey, frankly stormy coloured "Storm"?! Hmmmm my choices just might be reflecting my mood. I forced myself to consider her other colours and seized upon this slightly more cheerful substitute...

Its called "Shadow". Hmmm. Still you can't have shadow without light somewhere right? It was certainly better than Storm! I bought it and dove back into the growing crowd.

Next I saw a fabulous display of  Cookie A. socks at the Sheldridge Farm booth. I had several Cookie A. patterns on my list - "Twisted Flower" being at the top. Somehow though I ended up buying "Stricken".  Hmmmm.

Okay I thought to myself, I've walked around this whole show four times, I've seen bloggers I recognize that I should be saying hello to but instead I'm just trying to avoid, I'm buying the knitting equivalent of a cry for help - ENOUGH!  I'm here to frolic so lets get frolicking!

With that determination to shift my mood I almost immediately saw someone I knew, strode right over and said "Hello". Smiling and laughing and knitting talk ensued - much more frolicsome - don't you think?

On the strength of that brief visit then I started my final turn around the marketplace, with a forced focus on cheery pink yarn - a pale pink sock yarn to be specific and/or a bulky weight pink mix for a pair of "Grown up Booties" by Ysolda.  I did consider quite a number of lovely skeins for socks but none that I really loved. At the Purple Purl booth  I did see some Manos for the slippers though - in a bargain bin no less! Soon two skeins were mine - maybe I'll make mittens too!  
The Purple Purl Booth was right near the entrance. On the strength of that high point in my 2009 Frolic I headed for the sunshine and the first day of summer like weather we've had all year.

As I drove home through the sunshine with the warm wind swirling through the car I smiled thinking that while my Frolic shopping bag on the seat beside me did contain "Shadow" and "Stricken" I had left "Storm" behind and I had a couple of skeins of colourful bulkiness to look forward to knitting and a book that highlighted a whole year of knitting adventures ahead. Not a bad outcome for an admittedly reluctant frolicker!


Stephanie said...

It took me way too long before I figured out what the problem with "Stricken" was, and I'll tell you why so that you stop thinking about its negativity:

I am fairly certain that the pattern is named after the German word for knitting, which is: "stricken". And that's the only thing I see when I read it. Oops. Guess that word is out of my English vocabulary.

Acorn to Oak said...

I'm so glad your day turned around. The yarns you bought are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you create with them. :-)

Have a wonderful...non stormy...week. :-)

Sandra said...

I have to live the Frolic vicariously through others, so thatnks for showing waht you got!

Lisa R-R said...

Hi I am Chinadoll's daughter Lisa. It was really nice to meet you at the frolic.
I don't think there is any need to buy huge amounts at the Frolic - but buying what you can use should be fine.
It was a beautiful day on Saturday!
We really need good weather.

Lorraine said...

I came home with some Tanis laceweight, and a few other goodies. The Knitter's Almanac is a good read, and has some great patterns in it.

Brenda said...

You will enjoy the Knitters Almanac. Although, I've not met anyone who has ever knit the longjohns. Great score on the Manos.

Tina said...

The two of us could perfectly go out together – I always need my Sweetheart to tell me “buy something”, “take it” or even “take both” if I can’t decide. Not only the case with yarn but also with cloths or shoes… I just don’t have too much fun spending money (for me). But I think you really came out with great yarn and the book you really want and like (I have it and love reading in it), so what!