Is anybody still out there?

Its been so long since I've dropped by this place, or any place on line - including my inbox. The various aspects of my regular old daily life are similarly neglected.

Before the utter disruption of the work we've been doing on the house was quite finished my 44 year old brother's health began to decline as the cancer he's been fighting for a decade began to get the upper hand on things. My brother lives on his own but thanks to his extended health coverage at work, he was able to receive extra nursing support for the last couple of weeks. There is also a very good system through our provincial health care system for supporting patients in their homes. My tireless sister managed this piece to ensure adequate but not excessive attention to allow my brother to be as independent as he was able to be. Nonetheless, facilitating his care in his home has meant all hands on deck, full out, full time.

In the course of doing my share I've witnessed heartwarming, inspiring and even surprising things as a large and somewhat unlikely group of his family and friends came together for everything from hands on care to keeping his household running to moving furniture as more equipment was needed for his comfort. Just feeding the army of volunteer helpers and myriad visitors has been a full time job! The energy, commitment and genuine care his friends showed him is fitting testament to the quality of my brother's character and the nature of his life among the people he enjoyed the most.

Then yesterday morning, as the sun was rising, he took his last breath. Peaceful, free of pain, and in his own home.

Everyone is of course sad, frankly quite tired and I hope feeling some satisfaction at having done literally everything possible to support him as and when he needed it most.

There is now much to do in the wake of his passing - some quantity of it on my own plate. Because of the Easter weekend, there is a backlog at the funeral home that will mean his service won't be held until the start of next week. Its a long time to wait but also does mean the necessary preparations don't have to be made in a frantic rush. (It also means I can work in a very long overdue hair cut tomorrow!)

Under the circumstances I know the fact this post hasn't a spec of knitting fodder won't be earth shattering for anyone but in case there is anybody out there still visiting this little neglected knit blog, wondering where all the knitting and posting went I wanted to let you know what had been happening and that I will be back to the old routine soon!

In the meantime I do hope all the bloggers and commenters I so enjoy are happy and well and you're all knitting to your heart's content!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry for your loss! But it sounds like your brother had the kind of death most of us hope for, and the kinds of friends that we hope for, too. Take time for more than the haircut, if you can!

Sandra said...

SO sorry for your loss, but it soulnds like you, your sister and everyone involved gave your brother a fitting finale to h is life. No one could ask for more than that.
That said, it doesn't make it easier for you, but know that we are here, checking each day and look forward to your return, whenever you can.

Brenda said...

The tears are rolling down my cheeks. I am so sorry for your loss.

Acorn to Oak said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news about your brother. I had a feeling that's why you haven't been blogging. How blessed he was to have so much love around him with family and friends.

Take care and enjoy your haircut today. We'll all be here when you're ready to start blogging and knitting again. Hugs!

Liz said...

I was wondering if your brother was what kept you away - and praying for all of you. Praise be that he is in a more comfortable place now, and blessings on all of you who made those last weeks all he needed. Good to see that you re-surfaced and are doing something to take care of YOU too !!

tiennie said...

I'm really sorry for yours and your family's loss. Wishing you all the best.

Aline la Bergère said...

Sorry for your loss. Take care and I miss you. Will be here when you get back. hugs A.xx

Stephanie said...

I don't know what to say except the usual "I'm sorry for your loss." It sounds like he had a comfortable last few weeks though, and having so many friends and family around sounds like the way to go, to me.