'Hard to Believe But...

Last evening I spent a couple of hours KNITTING! This morning I treated myself to 20 more minutes!

There's food in the house (more than just one meal's worth) The laundry is done and enough shirts have been ironed to see both resident males through the middle of next week!

The carpet installation that has held the completion of the work in the lower level up for about a month now is booked for tomorrow afternoon.

Turning back to the usual old routine after all that's gone on feels fabulous. It doesn't change anything but it makes it so much more bearable.

We started work on the lower level the middle of February and my brother's need for significant support re-started mid March after he enjoyed a few weeks of relative independence so life chez Sel and Poivre has been lurching along for quite a while.  The world, still at top speed, flew along just above what felt like the hole that became our life. I was aware of it flying past the top of my head but around me there was no evidence of it at all! Given Brenda's comments to my last post I guess I'm not alone in that sensation.

Now starting to peek up out of that hole and even to venture for a very few short minutes on line, hard evidence of life - knitting life in particular is fabulous to see...
  • The wildflowers are blooming all around the home of Acorn to Oak knit blog
  • The Knitty Spring Issue went up as did the Spring Issue of Twist
  • Brenda and the knitters in Brenda's knit group have produced (another) massive quantity of garments in what seems like the blink of an eye (again!)
  • My DKC buddy "China Doll" has started to add pictures to her Ravelry workbook!
  • The VK 360 video clips of the Spring '09 patterns are up to fully compliment my enjoyment of my copy of Spring Vogue Knitting that arrived sometime over the past month I think.
  • I suddenly realized that the DKC Knitter's Frolic is THIS WEEKEND! (This is both thrilling and depressing as I fully planned to have completed 3 cardigans and two scarves before the Frolic presented more yarn buying opportunities.)
And in perhaps the most stunning news I've seen in my quick foray into my favourites...
Another sure sign of life marching right along regardless of where my attention is focused - the ice has gone out up at the cottage, making it once again possible for us to to boat in to our water access getaway.  My sister's son is having his First Communion this Sunday though so we won't be able to head up there until next weekend.  This delay is really a good thing because by then I should be able to finish the garden clean up here in the city before adding a second residence to my spring cleaning list. 

I'm making a few contributions for the First Communion celebratory dinner - my poor sister is really under the gun to be ready for it after being out of commission for the last couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to reaquinting myself with my kitchen and even cooking and baking from unfamiliar recipes rather than just the favourites I know by heart that have been my choices as I've flown through here week in and week out of late.

Ah comforting routine - you're almost in my sights!


Liz said...

lovely to see that your life is getting back to what is normal for you and your family, and with knitting too!

Stephanie said...

Hey, my knitting mojo came back about at the same time you were able to get some knitting in too! Crazy timing.

Lorraine said...

I'm popping over to the Frolic, because it's alot of fun.

Sounds like you could use a bit of a break.

tiennie said...

You sound very up in this post! It's a good thing. :)