Yucktastic Weekend Chez Sel & Poivre

In the vein of making lemonade from lemons, I focused Saturday on how well these beet and blue potato chips went with Valentine's Day!  (Pretty, all natural, no preservatives or artificial colours - love it - and after all "love" is what Valentine's Day is all about right?!)

All weekend though I had almost no time to knit. Instead I was wildly racing to be ready for workmen and dumpster Tuesday morning and mourning the fact My Beloved had to work.

What progress I did make on Tangled Yoke is pictured below. The body is now finished to the underarm as is left sleeve. As you can see the right sleeve is still in its infancy so now it will receive whatever attention I do have to give.

If I wasn't so distracted with emptying the lower level of our house on my own with the kids today I'd probably be quite excited at the prospect of putting all three pieces onto one needle and getting the best part of the this knit - the Tangled Yoke!

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Brenda said...

A tangled time was had by a tangled knitter who had no time for a tangled yoke.