I've been on the fly for a few days but the first sleeve of Tangled Yoke saw completion as a result of having it cast on and ready to take along on my travels.

The body received less attention as evening commitments severely limited my usual knitting time. When I did get some in it was late evening, waiting up for Darling Daughter to get home. A few stupid errors resulted from knitting while trying (not always successfully) to keep from dozing off. So there has been a bit of picking back - nothing major, just a bit of a drag on progress forward. I'm nonetheless only a few rows from being finished with the garter rib portion on the body. Once I hit the stockinette things will fly along (for a while at least).  I need to move live stitches to sections of waste yarn on the sleeve that's done so its ready for joining with the yoke when the time comes and to free up the dpn's to cast on for the second sleeve. 

The tilting blocks scarf is nearing the 2/3's done mark. 'Having memorized the pattern I've picked up the pace so in the course of a single cup of tea I'm doing two blocks of 12 stitch repeat before my concentration wanes where early on I could only manage one. This silky, shiny piece is sure a nice break from the knit and purl in the scratchier Felted Tweed wool of Tangled Yoke. 

Another "WIP" of sorts - Darling Daughter to be specific ;) - had her birthday yesterday so I put on a big family dinner to celebrate.  To maximize room for guests in the Living Room I had to move the giant basket of yarn that sits inspiring me, awaiting swatching for the Fair Isle 

I set it beside my bed and awoke today to see its brimming potential in the half light of pre dawn.Its has me motivated to squeeze every minute of knitting time out of the day I can possibly find so I can finish with the garter rib on Tangled Yoke. I don't want to start swatching for the Fair Isle Cardigan until I'm cruising through the stockinette section on T.Y.! 

In the meantime its laundry day and I plan to try some new sweater washing/re blocking tricks I learned at the finishing workshop last weekend. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day!


Acorn to Oak said...

It' looks like you're making a lot of progress on your sweater. And, I love the stitch pattern in that scarf.

Happy birthday to your daughter. How old is she now? That cake looks yummy!

What a great sight to wake up to...lots of beautiful colors of yarn. Life is good! :-)

Stephanie said...

Your knitting is always so inspiring to me! I don't remember seeing that tilted blocks scarf before, though. It's mesmerizing. I'd love to see such a thing in person; I'm sure it looks gorgeous. As does the cake! Mmm! Got any leftovers? ;) Happy belated birthday to your daughter!

Brenda said...

Mmmm the cake looks delish!
TY is lookin' good. Check out this one at knitspot. http://knitspot.com/?p=786
My fingers would itch as well, to start the fair isle. But I do understand the cleverness of waiting until the stockinet part of TY.

Michele said...

I love reading your blog, but I think I LOVE your photos even more. They are the most beautiful pictures that I've ever seen.