Mission (pretty much) Accomplished

The kids and I grunted our way through yesterday, wrestling a huge bookcase (and its even "huger" quantity of books) as well as the piano and everything else in the family and laundry rooms, into new temporary homes. Phew!

Today I will tidy up the last few bits and pieces and transport the frozen food to my mom's for storage in her freezer before our old second fridge is sent to the curb tomorrow. I will also enjoy the quiet of 
the lull before the storm because today...
  • Number One Son is back at school after a four day weekend.
  • Darling Daughter, on reading week from University, is out and about downtown with friends. 
  • My Beloved is still in the throes of his busiest week of the year and so is once again gone until late evening.
  • The contractor, for whom the entire lower level of the house has been readied in time for him to arrive this morning has put off starting demolition until tomorrow - just in time for a messy rain snow mix (today is pure, mild sunshine). Why are renovation plans ALWAYS a crap shoot?
'All very interesting I know but what about the knitting??? I got some time on the needles last evening so the second sleeve of Tangled Yoke is now  4 1/2 inches from being ready to join with the sweater's other two pieces on one circular needle.
Not bad considering this time yesterday less than 4" of that last sleeve had been knit! 
With only two for dinner tonight, I should have time to finish the sleeve, be on one needle with all three pieces and do a couple of rounds of the stockinette south of the tangled yoke cable by the time Darling Daughter rolls in around midnight!


Bredna said...

Hee Hee. You hope she comes home at midnight.

tiennie said...

I love the yarn that you picked for the tangled yoke. It's so pretty!

Good luck on the home improvements!