And So it Begins

The demolition on the basement has begun, hence I'm on the run so this will be brief...

I made it to the point of joining sleeves to body of Tangled Yoke last night, I just can't seem to locate my camera in the melee here this morning so you'll have to take my word for it.

With nothing of interest to report on the knitting front I should at least give you an interesting link to check out. Brenda has been providing knit blog reading gold this week with...
  • an outline of how she took a top down sweater with a hand knit yoke and quickly finished it with a machine knit body
  • a formula for converting guage from the yarn stipulated in a pattern to the yarn of your choice while also changing the sizing of a one size fits all design.
Hopefully I'll get out of here tonight to catch this month's DKC meeting after meeting My Beloved at the flooring store to finalize what I need to order for the basement.

Have a great day everyone!


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