Warning: Bad Mood Alert

I usually sit down to post with content in my head.  A few minutes typing it in and I'm done. This morning I've got nothing but crabby negativity. Its a familiar occupational hazard - everyone goes back to school/work and the dreck they leave behind is akin to the remnants of a domestic tsunami.  I also visited the scales this morning for the first time since mid December and they aren't telling a very pretty tale either!

Usually knitting prospects entertain and distract me through this kind of stuff but all three of the rather less than engaging projects I've got going are having issues.  Boring, stupid, easily avoidable issues (miscounting, dropped stitches, gauge troubles. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.) These must be set right to make progress on anything again.

This is when casting on for something shiny and new and (thus far) free of issues is most compelling but I'm resolved to work next on Vivian and I won't get the pattern until I'm ready to cast on from a clean and clear knitting basket. So I've got to get these pieces done ASAP.

With the laundry is in progress, the cleaning has been started and with my bad attitude shoved into my runners I'm heading out to stomp around my little power walking route - scowl on face, grumbling as I go. I should make a lovely picture indeed!


Lorraine said...

After everyone pigged up the house, we are left to clean it up.

I feel your pain.

Brenda said...

Want company on your scowling walk?
Fred and I have come down with terrible colds, so no skiing for us. We haven't been out yet this season! Scowl!

Acorn to Oak said...

I've been feeling that way too. Hubby keeps asking me if I'm ok. I tell him I am but I'm feeling grumpy. It helped a bit yesterday to get all the decorations put away and do some cleaning. Now, if I can just get that shawl done so I can start some new, colorful projects.