In the Pink

Swatching went swimmingly well last night...
I cast on for the first sleeve of Tangled Yoke early this morning so I could work on it on the subway en route to and from a Dentist appointment first thing today. In "Knitting Without Tears" Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests starting the sleeves at the same time as the body of a sweater because, she reasons, sleeves are portable and well suited to sitting in a "basket in the kitchen" so you can knit a bit on them whenever you might have a few minutes to do so. Having finally finished the blue work socks, I'll need a portable project, just as I did this morning for the subway ride. (I admit I also love the image of the "basket in the kitchen"!) 

Despite a heavy snowfall yesterday I'm feeling very lighthearted and "Springy" and I can only put it down to to the lovely "Clover" colourway of this yarn. Its funny that choosing a colourway has been the thing holding this project up for the past couple of years - now I can't imagine how I ever thought any other colour would do!
I dressed without reaching for a heavy sweater for the first time in weeks (despite the fact its minus 12C, overcast and with light flurries swirling around in the air.) Then I grabbed a pink scarf to top it off. I must be highly suggestible or knitting with this colour at the moment is just what the doctor ordered.

The stockinette of the swatch is just as great as I had read it would be - very flat yet quite woolly.
The garter rib stitch that makes up the cuffs and lower third of the body of the sweater is both a nice change from basic ribbing as well as being a bit quicker because every other row is straight knitting.

This is my first project by Eunny -it feels like exploring genius as I work through her directions, highlighting and colour coding the chart and marking up the pattern into the kind of idiot proof version I'll need to stay on track. 

I swatched using the new Addi's - another first for me.  I can't say I noticed a difference from my Aeros but I'm assuming the difference will be more evident once I'm working back and forth across the 226 stitches of the single piece that makes up the back and both fronts of this cardigan.

Right now it really is the yarn and its colour that I'm most taken with - in fact it not only influenced my clothing choice for today but also got me noticing the violets in the front window are following suit! It also started me thinking about Valentine's Day. Maybe this year I'll shift from all red all the time to adding a bit of pink into the mix. Speaking of Valentine's Day - I love the take on it the Purl Bee is featuring on their blog right now! 
Thanks for dropping by - have a great day!


Acorn to Oak said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I can see how it could lift up your day! :-)

Stephanie said...

What a fascinating idea about casting on for sleeves at the same time as the body of a sweater. Good advice -- probably better than carrying around a sock when I'm going through a period where I rarely knit at home but want to work on a sweater. Tangled Yoke. Someday I want to make that too. Hope it works out well for you!

Michele said...

The colourway is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the swatch. The photo of the balls didn't do the wool justice. I also like the idea of casting on the sleeves while doing the back. Do you do both sleeves at once?