Climbing Back on Track

These things were quite helpful yesterday in reorienting myself back onto track with my knitting basket full of frustrations.
  1. Comments - I'm not the only one who's feeling crabby! Brenda and Cheryl are too and Lorraine made me laugh with her description of how a family can "pig up" a house. Great expression! 
  2. Glenna's Post - a great reminder of how it feels to be so in love with a project you can't resist just looking at it every so often. 
  3. Researching alternate yarns for Vivian to focus on possibly feeling that kind of love again sometime soon.
  4. Last evening I forced myself to at least get a sock back on the rails from a thus far unblogged project I started during the summer at the cottage. I think of them as "the socks with gauge issues" because that's what they've been almost since their inception. If they behave maybe I'll post about them later in the week. Not being one of those people who loves fitness and its evil twin exercise - the power walk did not help. I acknowledge the practical need for such activity but I hate spending time getting it. Nonetheless I'm posting early today to allow me to head back out as soon as Number One Son is off to school. The scales need to tell a better story if I'm to sit and happily knit any time soon.
P.S. Yay Canadian Juniors! You showed the "pro's" how superior clean Hockey is to the current NHL version!


Acorn to Oak said...

I started some socks yesterday too! :-)

We're definitely on the same page with the whole fitness and scale thing. The scale needs to change for me too. I'm trying to exercise but it's so hard! I did get out for a run/walk the past two days. It's so hard to keep it up though. I may sign up for a 5k for some motivation to keep going.

Brenda said...

OMG! I can't believe you feel that way about exercise. I have kept that same dark secret about myself for many years. I threw out my scales when I was pregnant with son #2- who is now 34. I got so depressed watching my weight climb throughout that pregnancy, I decided that it was masochistic to keep the scales. I've never one scales since.

Lorraine said...

I totally feel that way about exercise, but I don't mind walking- High Park is my favorite place.

Throw away the scales- they're evil and cause angst.

Aline said...

Hello! I happened upon your blog and thought it was nice to see a french title (mine has one too!)

Happy New Year and hope you enjoy some really yummy knitting this '09