The Celtic Tote is embroidered (in black!), assembled, ends sewn in, lightly fulled and is currently blocking, lined with a plastic bag stuffed with hand towels to force it into a nice squarish shape. After its dry all that's left is sewing on the button and perhaps the addition of lining. I need to check my fabric stash and see how the bag holds its shape once the stuffing is out then I'll decide.

I've been unexpectedly called up to bat in my brother's care today so I'm off and running. I've packed the cursed red scarf (from Tuesday's post)and the second sock with gauge issues (from Monday's post) - scroll down if you missed all the knitting joy earlier in the week! 

Have a great weekend everyone - happy knitting!  


Stephanie said...

I'm not entirely sure what all that means (no internet where I'm staying = out of the loop) but good luck! and happy knitting to you too!

Acorn to Oak said...

I hope your brother is ok. Good luck with your knitting projects. I can't wait to see your Celtic tote. I bet it's gorgeous!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting! :-)

Brenda said...

It must be a worry to you and your family with your brother so sick. If it's possible, I hope the two of you have a special time tgether.