(Seasonal) Eye Candy Friday

Its eye candy to me because...

These front porch planters filled 100% with branches harvested from shrubs I planted years ago, to beautify our landscaping and facilitate Christmas decorating as above. (This is the first year I can say I have enough to do everything I want to my satisfaction while the gardens still feature enough to look untouched.)

My Beloved bought these votives for me in South Africa - pretty when lit with candlelight and when the morning sun shines through them like it is today!

My Beloved's Grandmother used to put up these Vintage Christmas Balls in their in the family run Hotel in the 1920's 30's and 40's. (Also pretty great with sun shining through!)

Gingerbread left over from dinner last night. The aroma that rises when the cake dome comes off of cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses and of course ginger just screams wintertime goodness! (I can almost smell it just looking at the picture!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Acorn to Oak said...

Those red branches are beautiful! I bet it's fun to decorate with them.

That gingerbread looks sooooo good! I can almost smell it too. Now, I'm hoping I can find some time this weekend to make some. Yum!

Have a wonderful weekend!