Dec. 23rd - Christmas Baking Blitz

Dec. 24th - Annual Christmas Eve Party chez Sel and Poivre

Dec. 25th a.m. - Breakfast 'round the Tree (See my new copy of Scarf Style on the floor!) Dec. 25th pm - Family dinner for 12 people (brother and his family not coming) then 16 (brother et.al. coming) then finally 10 (youngest nephew comes down with severe ear infection so his dad stays home with him, my brother decides venturing into the Christmas melée will be too much) It was an exciting ride of adding and subtracting place settings and extra tables and chairs but at least there was never any doubt we'd have enough Prime Rib to go around.The truly exciting bit was just as everyone was arriving the Carbon monoxide alarm started its piercing howl and flashing the word "Gas!" Even unplugging it wouldn't stop it so we set it outside while we considered whether to evacuate. In the end we determined my sister's use of Static Guard on her skirt in close proximity to the sensor is what set the thing off. Celebrating Christmas with the Fire Department ultimately proved unnecessary.
Dec. 26th - Back to some well deserved regularly scheduled programming. My Beloved and Number One Son have gone out to brave the boxing day ski sales, Darling Daughter is still in bed - I'm going to have coffee and leftover coffee cake while I dive into restarting the Celtic Tote!