I ran out of wool. Right where the wooden needle is - an inch or two below the neckline of the already completed back...The store where I got it a few weeks ago is now onto a new shipment/new dyelot. I found some of the same dyelot on Ravelry with someone who does trade and sell.'Question is, is it worth the trip downtown to check the suitability of the new dyelot before I try to organize an international trade or stash sale? If the yarn in the store is suitable I could still be wearing the sweater in a day or two - I want this in the FO column!

I'm off to do a huge grocery shop - I'm going to think about this a bit.

On a happier note - Christmas cakes are done! (Okay they still need to be glazed with melted apricot jam that I'll get at the store today so I should say almost done!)


Acorn to Oak said...

Oh, wow! How frustrating to be so close to finishing and run out of yarn. Good luck with it. I hope the yarn at the store works out for you.

Are Christmas cakes a kind of fruit cake?

Brenda said...

Wow! You are a fruit cake lover too. That's a lot of fruit cake. Apricot Jam eh? Do you do the brandy wrap too?