DKC Work of Our Hands Fashion Show '08 and what I'm getting into now...

  • 180 knitters (by my rough count)
  • 20 models (one a professional no less!)
  • 25 minutes of inspired and inspiring hand knits on the runway
  • Fiona Ellis doing colour commentary
  • A male knitter organizing and modelling his hand and machine knits
  • Homemade Christmas Goodies and homemade punch
  • Yarny door prizes
  • Free admission - which included a ticket for the door prize draw!
And I was home in time to get in some knitting by the tree!

I've gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in moving from the fast and furious pace of the Gathered and then Big Cabled Pullovers to this next project -"Henry" by Mareike Sattler from Knitty Fall 07. I started this the first time last January (when this little blog was nothing more than a twinkle in my eye).

I'm knitting it in Drops Alpaca a very soft, smooth, very strong and warm fingering weight yarn (colour 3650). Its for My Beloved and he's mildly impatient to have it done. With a bunch of projects burning in my brain to get added to my queue I admit I'm extremely impatient to have it done! Knit in a handsome herringbone pattern, lengthwise on 457 stitches - one row's worth of knitting on this scarf is equivalent to what yielded 5 or 6 inches of length on the BCP! Needless to say this project is going to make me slow down big time - not a bad thing over the course of the next couple of weeks!

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Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like the event last knit was really something! How fun!

I clicked on your link to "Henry" and I can't believe it's knitted...it totally looks woven. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in red.