...a non knitting friend sneered when I pulled out my knitting at a recent coffee gathering
"Yes dishcloths" I said, beaming. I explained they are just the colours I want and the size I want because I was making them to my own specifications in just the pattern I want. I told her it makes me happy to see them draped over the sink, to marvel at their absorbency, to fold them out of the laundry and stack them ready for use again and again and again. She stared blankly back at me, the sneer still lingering on her face.

The poor thing, she can't understand dedicating time, energy or resources to knitting. I know her well enough to know she never will.

Tonight though is the December meeting of the Downtown Knit Collective where members show off their most prized knits of the past year in the annual "Work of Our Hands" fashion show. It'll be fun to go sit with a couple of hundred people who are total strangers to me but who nonetheless if pressed would more than understand how I could get gratification out of knitting dishcloths!

P.S. I've added a number of modelled shots of the Great Big Pullover to the original FO Post (I like to keep things tidy) - here's a little peek...

...there's lots more if you scroll down to the previous post!


Acorn to Oak said...

I was just thinking about this same thing this morning...how some people just don't understand the feeling you get from making and using something you've made. I noticed someone at a store this week with a very simple crochet scarf made with acrylic worsted yarn. I thought about how wonderful she must feel wearing it and the joy it gives her to make it and wear it. There's so much beauty in that simple project that many people will never see. I've made soooo many dishcloth/washcloths for Christmas gifts this year. There's the possibility that they won't be loved or appreciated but at least I loved making and giving them. :-)
I love your sweater! What a great fit! I especially love the sleeves. Congratulations!

Sounds like a great event you're going to tonight! Have fun!

Brendaknits said...

I ocmpletely understand about the discloths. And the sweater is gorgeous. It fits beautifully. A great 'jacket' type sweater.