Current Canadian Politics Redux

First a knitting tidbit - today I'm wearing one of my favourite holiday sweaters - store bought no less! The little dancers are arrayed all across the bottom at the front. The stars are all over the whole thing with about 30% done in beads as you see the one in the centre of the shot is here.Can you stand how cute they are? Someday this is going to be the inspiration for something - I haven't figured out what just yet but in the meantime I'll sure enjoy wearing it!
Now if you thought Canadian politics were "boring" in comparison to those in America, consider yourself to have now received an early Christmas present! The whole country - apathetic two months ago during our federal election is on fire with interest in the craziness that's going on in Ottawa. But Canadian knitters shouldn't have to waste valuable knitting time trying to follow the antics in our nations' capital! Here are the details in an easy-to-grasp nutshell - specifically in "parenting" terms.
  • The Governor General (aka "mom") is at work.

  • Members of the House of Parliament (aka "the kids") were to do their homework (aka run a goverment addressing stuff like economic woes and the immanent climate catastrophy from our oil/auto addiction) and get along under the supervision of the most "responsible" child (the Prime Minister).

  • Instead of doing his homework and honouring his promise to behave the babysitter instead just indulged in bossing his siblings around.

  • They responded with "you're not the boss of us!"

  • A squabble ensued.

  • The big boy" called his friends and told them the little ones were brats, embellishing to deflect blame from himself onto the little ones.

  • In fact he was left in charge and by his actions, blew it bigtime large.

  • The little kids called mom, tattled and asked her to come home and settle things.

  • Mom is on her way home.

  • Practical considerations mean she'll have to trust the oldest again in future so she needs to clarify for him that responsibility and leadership demand forfeiting selfish desires. For the good of the family she should force him to deal with the consequences of his bad decisions so as to represent the best interests of everyone. She will have to clarify specific expectations of his behaviour and conduct because the oldest is prideful and superior (in his own mind) and really has no idea how to lead, only how to push and force. Hopefully he's smart and ambitious enough to mature beyond this.

  • The little ones should be heard but then told to behave - after all they are little.
Finally once the current nastiness is past (generally after nap time things settle down) She needs to work with the "big boy" and encourage his maturing into someone who has emphathy and care for everyone - not just his friends.
Parenting is hard and very serious, important work. I hope she's up to it.
Now back to knitting!


Acorn to Oak said...

That sweater is cute!

It sounds like the Canadian government is a lot like the US government. Kinda sad, huh?

Our news is always going on and on about stuff that's happening here and we so rarely hear anything about Canada. Does Canadian news tell much about the US? I wish our news would give us more information about the US and the world. They tend to focus on a few stories which we often don't want to hear about. And, most of the news is what is happening in LA rather than areas close by or the whole state or country. I'd like to hear a bit of everything, including news from our neighbors to the north and south.

Stephanie said...

I don't really know what's going on other than what the Yarn Harlot wrote in her blog today, but this sounds like a great description! I love the metaphor.