That was so LAST Year!

New Years feels like trimmed ends to me - I don't know what's better about them - the fact they illustrate something that's finished (and hopefully wonderful) or that by marking the end of one thing they naturally point to future possibilities. A little of both I guess - heres my little pile for '08.

My subtitle says this blog is supposed to be about an avid knitter from the 80's trying to catch up. How much catching up did I manage in '08?

Socks x 5 (3 lady's, 2 men's)

I got into the groove of making socks rather effortlessly and building a wee tiny sock yarn stash. I also designed the black men's knee socks using a favourite pair an aunt made My Beloved 30 years ago. Bottom line I now feel pretty comfortable with top down sock knitting. 'Guess I need to try toes up designs in '09.
Sweaters and Vests x 6

I learned about stranded colour work, intarsia, ease, sizing and project monogamy as I cranked out these six pieces. I love wearing every one of them. I'm going to choose more challenging sweater patterns in '09 because I'm now a bit more confident I can handle it.

Toys and Whimsies etc. x 11

Working all these into the lineup kept my knitting life fresh, kept me motivated, cost next to nothing all while providing lessons on either novel stitches or shaping or both! 'Can't wait to see what '09 holds in the way of these kinds of projects!

Hats/Mittens/Cowls/Scarves x4

A bit of a snore here - just practical necessities. I'll make these kinds of things in '09 but I've collected a few more interesting patterns that I'm looking forward to working with.

Babies & Toddlers x 3

'Learned slip stitch colour work with the hat - my fastest knit ever.

Ravelry Notebook - I got one together in '08 I'll try to keep it up to date in '09. Over there I'm "Canadian Eh?". I finally organized and loaded knitting photos onto a Flickr Account -Slide Show's in the side bar - same deal as with Ravelry - 'just going to try to keep it current in '09. Knit Blog - Posting is pretty effortless for me so no resolutions as to frequency. In '09 I just hope readers enjoy Sel & Poivre and if they have a chance, drop a comment. I spent a couple of years lurking on blogs without understanding how wonderful comments are to a blogger. (The first comment I received, left by curlerchik four months after I started Sel & Poivre rattled me into realizing my knit blog wasn't a private on line diary - that someone else might be reading what I post!) Comments make blogging feel less like giving a lecture and more like having a conversation and good conversation seems to me to be utterly in keeping with the spirit of knitting!

So Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks so much for visiting '08. Here's to an '09 filled with yarn and knitting, stacks of FO's (and their trimmed ends) and hopefully great conversations about it here at Sel & Poivre!


Anonymous said...

Best Wishes for a Happy 2009!!

Your knitting challenges are pretty well spelled and from past experience via the photos of FOs, you'll continue to do well.

See you at the DKC in January.

hugs, Cherilyn

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year! I'm certainly looking forward to 2009 myself. I don't know much about my knitting (it really suffered this month, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to pick it back up). You look like you've done quite a bit of catching up this year! I'm awed.

Anonymous said...

well, I certainly enjoy reading your blog - it's one I check daily, and am sad when you don't get a chance to post. Wow, you are a prolific knitter - I finished a few things, but nothing quite like your honor roll. I am still getting to know Ravelry, I'm LTknits there. And for the life of me I can't remember by blogger log in, so I seem to always be 'anonymous'. But I'm really Liz from Connecticut, and happy that you write such interesting things to read !! Thanks ~~

Acorn to Oak said...

It looks like you've had a fun and successful year of knitting! You have a lot of wonderful FO's.

Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful new year...and for a year filled with knitting fun, success, and great FO's! :o}

Lorraine said...

Happy New Year- here's to another year of amazing knitting!

Brenda said...

Your 2008 knitting is tremendous. I didn't keep track this year,but must do so in /09. Your 4 month wait for a comment gives me encouragement. I wonder sometimes if I am posting into thin air. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

Scary, isn't it when you first realize others may be peeking into our lives...
glad I could help you out!