Today's forcast - dark and rainy with sunshine throughout?

Its overcast and raining here in T.O. but in this knitter's heart its a sunshiny day. I finished the knitting on Gathered Pullover last night - 'just have to sew in the sleeves and do a light blocking and its ready to wear!

And I'm going to the Purple Purl tonight to participate in Knitty's November "Yarn Round Table" for an evening of "yarn tasting". I signed up for this back in August but the date feels like its raced up on me.

This Knitty "inknitiative" is an evening of test knitting and reporting on a variety of new yarns. Yarns are submitted for consideration and review by the companies that produce and/or distribute them and a different group of volunteers does the reviewing each time. In the true spirit of knitters Knitty publicizes only positive opinions and observations so yarns that aren't well received by the group are left out of the report entirely. There can be a wide variety of yarns tested in an evening so participants are asked to bring an array of needles to be ready for whatever "kneeds" knitting.

So I'm sure you understand how my rainy day is looking bright indeed! 'Hope whatever your weather, wherever you are finds you in an equally happy frame of mind!

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Acorn to Oak said...

It sounds like you have a fun and interesting night in store for you...another great fibertunity! :-)

It's sunny here and I'm feeling very inspired today in the fiber craft department. It'll be fun to see what develops. :-)