Progress on Big Cabled Pullover

I spent the day yesterday from the wee early hours of the morning through to mid afternoon in a hospital waiting room with my mom and sisters while my brother underwent surgery. Although the Big Cabled Pullover (emphasis here on the "BIG") isn't exactly a portable knit, I knew we would be "camped" in one spot for some time so I decided to take it anyway. Besides everything else I'm working on requires some concentration which I knew I probably couldn't rely on being able to apply in that setting.

After the hospital we had things to prepare for brother's homecoming which took up the rest of the day and much of the evening so I didn't look at BGP again until this morning. Predictably, I omitted some patterning right at the start of knitting yesterday so I've just ripped back to that spot, erasing all progress. I can't complain too bitterly about it though - knitting - even if in error did make for a much better day than if I'd had to just sit and wait and more importantly the surgery went extremely well.

We must have made quite the picture though in that waiting room with three of the five of us working away with needles and crochet hooks a-flying!

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Sandra said...

Knitting is the only way I've gotten through any of my families hospital procedures. THere haven't been many, but enough. I don't know how people just SIT there...