Next Door to a Giant

In Canada we live next door to a Giant who for years has seemed unhappy.

Last night the Giant did something unimaginably wonderful. On TV we watched the Giant dancing and singing, celebrating and even crying tears of joy over the new and wonderful accomplishment.

I just have to say how amazing the Giant's accomplishment looks even from next door and how great it is to see the Giant smiling again!
(BTW "watching the Giant smile" doubled as very productive knitting time...)


tiennie said...

Oh yes! Smiling indeed and doing a happy dance too!

Acorn to Oak said...

It was an amazing election and an awesome night. I feel like hope was born last night. I was saddened today though when I went to a knit group and I was one of only two of us that had voted for Obama. They others said such horrible things about him that I can't and wouldn't repeat. My daughter experienced similar things at her high school today. It makes me so sad that everyone doesn't stand together to support change. I can only hope and pray that Obama will be able to lead the change we all want to see so they can soon change their minds. I'm hopeful for a much brighter future!

Sandra said...

I was a refreshing change to see the Giant so happy.
I just truly hope they keep him safe.