Weekend Fab & Foul

Garage Sale
Fab: I helped a dear friend run her garage sale from the early morning hours of our very chilly Saturday morning through the blustery afternoon and it allowed me to wear Bonbon for the first time. It was wonderful to at last have occasion to wear it but even more exciting to enjoy warmth as only wool can provide! (I also wore hand knit wool socks - double fab!)
Foul: During the sale, a woman saw I was knitting away on a little mindless and portable Halloween project and had to express disdain for the fact that I was knitting, then scoffed at what I was knitting.

Uber Foul: Two groups that attended the sale left their cars idling while they browsed. How can people can still be so insensitive to global warming that they let their motors run for no reason?! Besides that I can't believe the price of gas doesn't prompt them to turn the things off!

Fab: I had some friends over Saturday night for our semi regular Scrabble game.

Fab: I managed to squeeze in making fresh chocolate scones between the garage sale and Scrabble night for munching during our game. They had just the right amount of sweetness and weren't too rich - perfect accompaniment for steaming hot tea!
Foul: Due to an extreme overabundance of "A"s among my letters in the latter part of the game I was over 100 points behind the woman who came in second!
Bridal Shower
Fab: Held in honour of my youngest sister, my mother and second sister did a spectacular and I think quite professional job on the flower arrangements...

Fab: 40 women attended, many of whom I've never met - I love the potential to meet someone interesting and/or entertaining.in a room of strangers!

Foul: I met an avid knitter there who, despite seeking me out when my aunt told her I liked to knit, would not talk yarn or knitting or knit blogs or Ravelry or stash or patterns or really anything about knitting other than that she lives 3 blocks from Romni Wools - Toronto's biggest LYS. I'm still scratching my head over that one.
Foul: My daughter and I were put in charge of making the bow hat (you know...paper plate, adorned with all the bows and ribbons from the gifts - to be worn by the bride while the shower guests snap pictures and generally squeal with delight)
Fab: As these things go it turned out very well. Its not falling off - that juanty angle is on purpose and it was quite sturdy.
Foul: I had precious little knitting time this weekend and when I tried to make time, I was really too tired to concentrate and made a bunch of errors on Honeycomb. The next time I pick it up I'm going to have to start with ripping back to error free territory.
(Soon to be)Fab: 'Getting close to the end on this one. Could Honeycomb be an FO next week?


Stephanie said...

Ugh, people idle their cars while at a garage sale? That's ridiculous. Especially with the current price of gas. Though I worry that since gas prices are going down (so I hear on the news), people aren't going to care as much about environmental issues again, and nothing will get done about it.

I don't understand people that scoff at knitting. Did you tell her you made your super-impressive warm sweater?? She might've thought twice after that. Although I can't say that it's double fab that you wore BOTH a wool sweater and wool socks -- that just means it's getting that much colder since summer. Sigh. :(

Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like you had a very full weekend.

Funny how the shoppers were out to save money at yard sales without realizing the money they were wasting by letting their cars idle. It drives me crazy when people do that too. A waste of money, bad for our earth, and it smells soooo bad! Cough...cough!

Sounds like you met some "interesting" knitters...especially the one at the yard sale. I wonder what she was thinking?! Well, I think it was cool that you were knitting at the yard sale! :-)

Those chocolate scones sound yummy. Sounds like a fun evening with scones, tea, Scrabble, and good friends. Life is good!

Good luck with "Honeycomb" this week.