Starting Something New!

CO 64 stitches - Check

K 6 rows rev st st - Check

Work set up row to establish base of cables - Fine

Work row 2 right to left rather than left to right - Rip back row

Highlight even numbered rows on left side of chart as reminder to work left to right - Check

Try again to work second row of pattern - Okay

Work row 3 - find 2 stitches magically missing in section between cables. Decide to cheat, adding two stitches mid row - Not ideal but acceptable.

Begin row 4 at right side of chart, catch stupid error - rip back. Restart from left side - finish row - check work - develop stomach pain upon noting that base of cables strongly resemble knotted shoelaces surrounded with gaping holes.

Tear out needles, rip back to first six rows of rev st st

Reinsert needles, throw the whole works into basket, stomp off to bed to get a good start at another night of endless coughing and blowing of nose.

In times of cold induced wakefulness during night practice positive imaging - visualize being a knitter who is sufficiently competent to start a project without making a dozen breathtakingly stupid errors before gaining a foothold on a project. That would really be something new!


Acorn to Oak said...

Ohhhh...I feel your pain. I hope you're feeling better today and that your next attempt is amazingly successful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :-)

Stephanie said...

Ahhhhhh! Don't stress yourself out too much about it while you're sick! That pattern sounds so confusing. Good luck trying it again when you feel better!

Malena said...

Found this post on Ravelry. I'm having problems with row 2 of the chart. I wind up with 80 stitches instead of 78. Again and again. Any tips?