How did it get to be Thursday?

What have I been doing ??? The week is almost over yet my last post was also my first post of the week and it was a summary of last weekend!

I have been knitting - quite a lot actually. (Aren't televised Presidential debates, stock market crash analysis, emergency room visits*, children's athletic events and coffee with friends just made for quantity knitting?) Unfortunately with Honeycomb, apparently knitting "quite a lot" doesn't produce very much. I am finally, after all those knitting marathon events still an inch and a half - only 18 rows - from the major bind offs for the scooped front neckline and sleeves but it feels like that may as well be a mile and a half.
At coffee this morning a friend who is also a knitter was looking at the work and commented on its fairly significant weight when compared with its size. So there must be a lot of knitting in it but enough already - I want to move on!

The pattern recommends blocking prior to assembly and the back is already blocked so I can't skip the step for the front but its going to mean it'll be too wet for knitting on collar and arm hole ribbing this weekend. :( Immature knitting tantrum aside I do think I am going to love love love the final product and with blocking done I'll be able to wear it immediately following completion !
My mindless little travelling Halloween project is flying off the needles. My plan is to make two so I'll likely work on numero deux on the cottage drive.
I've assembled yarn from my stash for the Leftovers Vest from Knitty and its sitting in the basket ready to go once Honeycomb's wet blocking is done and drying time begins. Knit in the round in plain stockinette it should go like greased lightening! (Shouldn't it?)
I've finally organized a Flickr account and I've been working on uploading knitting pics. Its been as time consuming as I feared but gratifying to watch the growing slide show of my FO's . I'm probably about 3/4 done. I'll then be able to include it in the blog and put pics in my Ravelry notebook.
This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving - when we pull the water intake from the lake and drain the system in the cottage to avoid freezing pipes bursting and turning pine panelled walls into spouting fountains. Many people close their cottages for the season after this point but we will continue to go up, hauling water from the lake by the bucket full for a few weeks yet. At least that's the plan.
One of the other things I've been doing is cooking. Like crazy. My son is an utterly bottomless pit and for good reason. We discovered yesterday morning that he has grown almost a half an inch since we last measured him about three weeks ago. If his appetite is any indication though I think the growth actually occurred over the past week. I strongly believe in the importance of fuelling growth with healthy food and of course that needs to be prepared and ready to go when hunger strikes and its been striking often!
His daily running workouts of course also contribute to the hunger. Yesterday he had another race...
It was at a beautiful conservation area north west of us. His race had just over 400 boys in it.
It was a wild and hilly 5k (3 mile) course the day after some significant rainfall. This is just one of the hills on the course...He took a nasty fall in a huge muddy puddle at the bottom of a hill somewhere mid course and suffered cuts and scratches, probably finishing the race wearing a pound or two of fresh mud and well behind his preferred finishing position. As I waited near the first aid station where his wounds were being cleaned and bandaged I heard a passing coach comment "I love muddy races - that's real cross country! Interestingly that was pretty much my son's comment later at the dinner table. Boys!

Next week for me is chock full of knitting activities and yarn buying opportunities that I'm very much looking forward to! If you're Canadian - have a good long weekend. If not, have a good standard one!
*Trip to emergency room was for severely twisted University aged ankle. Nothing broken and her first time having to communicate with medical professionals without parental intervention - it was a great experience for her on every front! Who ever said growing up is finished by the time you're 18?!


Acorn to Oak said...

Honeycomb will be beautiful but it sounds just like my shawl...eating lots of yarn and growing verrrrrry slowly. My shawl is about 35" long and already on the eigth ball of yarn!

That Halloween project looks interesting.

The cross country race sounds like it was fun with all the mud and stuff. It sure is beautiful there!

Stephanie said...

I remember being at that growing stage where I ate all the time... sooo hungry all the time. Good food is always the best for it!

Anonymous said...

good for your univ kiddo - i remember that first phone call from mine several yrs ago - also a severe ankle sprain.....all she needed was the $$$ for the ER copayment, and she was good to go. It's amazing how maturing that little event was for her.