Eye Candy Friday

I don't know how this photo actually rates as pure eye candy but its my current wallpaper and I find it very inspiring.

I love the cyclist in the left foreground headed toward the green light and everyone moving towards the huge windmill in the distance. It visually expresses what I feel society is starting to do - finally move towards living life in a more earth friendly fashion. It also makes me proud as a Torontonian that we have a wind generated power source as a prominent part of our skyline.

The windmill is 91 meters high and its been generating electricity for 6 years. Its right by the waterfront in downtown Toronto on the site of our fairgrounds or as Torontonians call it the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). It provides a huge amount of totally clean power to the city. The sky in the photo looks bleak (it was a bitter cold late afternoon last week when I took the shot) but there is sun peaking through the clouds. So too things may seem bleak on so many fronts these days but I really think we're headed for a brighter and more responsible future.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lorraine said...

I really love the wind turbine- especially on windy days. They should put more there, don't you think?

I love your blog, and it's great to see a fellow Torontonian yarn obsessed knitter.

Acorn to Oak said...

That's really interesting to see the windmill in the middle of the city. We have hundreds of them in the desert between where I live and the Palm Springs area. But, I've never seen one in the city. That's cool. It's a good reminder to all the people that see it everyday to make smarter, greener choices. It is great to see people finally starting to embrace a greener lifestyle.