My nominees - Brilliant Blog Award.

As I posted yesterday, Crazy Crocheter passed this very kind distinction to me so now I need to pass on the award to my choice of 7 deserving bloggers.

The variety of knit blogs out there allows me to experience lots of different approaches to knitting which I find both inspiring and energizing. While Crazy Crocheter already named a couple of my favourites ( Ysolda, Knitting on Impulse) Here are a few she didn't name that I also really enjoy...
  • annie purls - A young mom with fun, practical ideas, a fledgling on line design business, a demonstrated social conscience and a great eye. Her emphasis is on knits for kids and babies.
  • Knitting to Stay Sane - Inspired knitting of current patterns, she seems to have absolutely mastered creating a good fit in her FO's. She also offers thorough book reviews and updates on the busy Toronto knitting world from her first hand participation.
  • Girl Who Knits - Go back into the archives of this one - see her first knit - a simple scarf, done only a couple of years ago and follow along as she arrives at her system for altering patterns to give herself a great fit every time. This knitter doesn't shy away from challenge either.
  • Stash, Knit, Repeat - another new mom she knits fearlessly and frequently. Her blog features the best pictorial record of FO's I've seen and somehow she replies to every comment! She had her second son just a couple of weeks ago so things might be slow there for a while but her archives are well worth a tour.
  • The Runcible Bin - a blog of ideas rather than stories - visits to this one always give me fabulous, quick inspiration.
  • Sunbeam Soapbox - The name says it all -pure energy captured and funnelled into an almost daily post. (Her post from last night says the blog is moving - what did I say about energy!)

These bloggers make knit blog reading better than ever for me. I think they are all worthy of the distinction of Brilliant and being added to your blog roll if they are not there already!


Stephanie said...

Awww, thank you! This is so exciting. I love your description, too! I've always wanted to be cheery and full of energy. I guess I've worked up to it, a bit!

I do want to let you know that I've switched links: http://soapbox.lunsh.net/ is where I am now. If you could switch your link in your post, plus your bookmarks, that would be great! Unfortunately the old link will probably disappear in a few days...

Mrs. Lear said...

Thank you! Your boat sweaters are fabulous! I was thinking of doing some with different pictures for each child - like a house or a tree or a bulldozer. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Debbie B mag.