A Knit Filled Day?!

From the Day timer's point of view yesterday it appeared my day held nothing but some fairly nasty stuff...
  • a medical appointment (who likes medical appointments?)
  • a shopping trip with my female family members in preparation for the wedding of my youngest sister. (Truth be told although I do enjoy my family I don't enjoy shopping - especially in a group but we do these things for brides don't we?)
  • a bunch of travel around the city on transit (I know its green but given the choice don't most people favour driving?)
  • an evening meeting - the dozen years I spent in volunteer work has me developing hives at just the thought of evening meetings any more these days I'd rather stay home and knit!

Knit? Knit! Contrary to what the calendar indicated my day was utterly crammed with knitting!

Waiting room at medical appointment? Perfect place to knit!

Shopping trip started with my mom handing me a Patons Cables Pattern Book that to quote my sister "made me more excited than any gift she's ever seen me receive". Visions of new cable knitting projects danced in my head during the rest of our trip through the mall.

Transit travel - I love it because as in a medical appointment waiting room - knit knit knit. 'Can't do that if you're driving!

Evening meeting - DKC talk on spinning wheels and looms actually put my weaving fantasies pretty much to rest. A conversation with one of my seat mates, Jennifer from the Purple Purl, convinced me a course on drop spindle spinning might be all I need in that area. Of course I was also surrounded by knitters knitting or crocheting. I of course knit throughout the entire presentation as well.

DKC has a program whereby donated pink yarn is distributed at meetings and guild members take it home to knit scarves for breast cancer patients. Of course I took some to do my part so I even came home at the end of the day with more yarn and another knitting project.

So I went to sleep a happy and satisfied knitter - with visions of cable knitting drifting through my brain and with my current and recently very neglected stockinette socks much further ahead than when I awoke yesterday morning. The only disturbing bit is that sock #2 is being knit in quite a different manner than sock #1. This is by choice though - the subject of another post no doubt! (Can you guess which one I'm going to frog?)


Sandra said...

Love those hidden knit filled days! Knitters are the only people who don't mind waiting in doctor's waiting rooms...

Stephanie said...

I wish I relaxed enough to knit on the bus or something. I get too tense about making sure I'm where I'm supposed to be. Unless there are delays. Then the knitting might come out...

I need to cast on a sock for things like that. Hm.

Glad you got a full day of knitting in! Sounds nice. :)