Just a Beautiful Day

First Cross Country race of the season for our Number One Son and it couldn't have been nicer weather! Maybe it was a bit warm for the runners (About 1200 or so) but as an observer watching from the shade with my knitting it was perfect!

This scarf project has me using larger needles (7mm) than I've ever used before. I can't believe how the work just swallows the yarn and how quickly the work grows with these big boys. How satisfying!

On a visit to Acorn to Oak this morning I was impressed to see how she manufactured herself some knitting mojo by whipping up a couple of quick projects. She reports that the new FO's have given her enthusiasm to move on with her slower moving pieces. Hopefully the pink scarf will give me a similar boost with Honeycomb.

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Acorn to Oak said...

Cross country meets sure look different where you live...where it's green! Almost everything here is brown...in the desert. Where you live looks so beautiful!!! And, what a great spot you had to watch and knit. Sounds like a fun project.

Thanks for the kind words and the link. :-)

Happy knitting! :-)