It worked!

The quick and gratifying scarf project jump started my knitting mojo and pushed me across the finish line with the back of Honeycomb. The back represents the majority of the knitting on this project - over half the yarn called for went into this one piece. I'm almost done with the ribbing on the front and mentally I feel the end of this project is in sight now whereas last week this vest just felt like a life sentence.

The scarf if blocked and dry. FO post tomorrow.A couple of other ready to travel project packs even seem to have made their way into the knitting basket where the boring blue socks used to be!

All in all a great knitting weekend to report!


Stephanie said...

Hurray for great knitting weekends! I think Honeycomb is going to look GREAT. I'm almost convinced I should try the pattern myself (someday!). Can't wait to see the scarf!

Acorn to Oak said...

Yay! How exciting! Sounds like you had a wonderful knitting weekend! :-)