Getting Organized

A) Summer at the cottage means September in the domestic trenches with tons of sorting out to be done.

B) The change of season (there were frost warnings east and north of us last night!) and all it entails grows the the list even more.

C) New knitting publications, patterns and yarns come out as the frost warnings heighten my sense that cooler, then colder and eventually dark, freezing and snowy months (aka prime knitting season) are just ahead. This knitter's mind can spin out of control.

When things start to spin I start to get organized. (Being organized ahead of time is ideal but apparently I'm in a "reactionary" rather than "anticipatory" phase of life.) Anyway with dozens of ideas in my head I'm trying to focus on my current knit - Honeycomb and cleaning up after my last few FO's (C)) in the stolen moments when the domestic drudge of A) and B) become so boring I want to weep.

Sooooo yesterday I
  • filed this summer's FO patterns, receipts, swatches and needles
  • separated craft yarn from knitting yarn
  • collected like weights and brands of remnant yarn for bagging together (do I smell intarsia coming on?)
  • worked on inputting more of my 2008 knitting data into my Ravelry notebook
  • sorted FO photos in my desktop to prep for uploading.

This morning I awoke feeling much more in control - especially as I did all that work in stolen moments through a thoroughly productive domestic day on many other fronts. In fact much of that work helped tidy the laundry room where my knitting stuff is stored so that now the only pile left unattended down there is the mending. Getting down to the mending always makes me feel like a domestic whiz. (Too bad I only make it there two or three times a year!)

Someone else who probably feels like a "whiz" this morning is the Yarn Harlot - her latest book is out. This is the one she finished in the snowy woods last winter. Go read her account of how it feels to have another published "FO". Putting our creations out there for public consumption is something anyone who wears their own knitting in public can relate to. Even if you're not a writer or a Harlot fan (is there such a thing?) its worth a read.


Anonymous said...

it's all I can do this week not to cast on for ten new projects! New sweaters, socks, shawls...anything is fair game now that the fall weather is coming in.

Sandra said...

there are so many things I want to start! Cardigans for work for these days when the mornings are chilly, but it warms up by afternoon... scarves, both woven and knitted, mitts and socks, tons of beaded things for gifts...
Time to start listing it all out and getting to it.
But first - finish Kauni!