Four Nice Things

  1. Yesterday the Fall Issue of Knitty went live.
  2. Last evening I got the last available issue of the new Debbie Bliss Magazine on the rack
  3. I've discovered that back in July some kind people on Ravelry tagged me as their "friend"!
  4. I've received a "Brilliant Blog" award from a reader and fellow blogger!!!

Re Fall 08 Knitty...

I was near the computer when the email came in with the link to Fall Knitty. I saw it right away and quickly went to see what was there. I guess it was only me and another bajillion other knitters were doing the same thing because the site was dead slow. I quickly decided to try again later after the keeners has come and gone. I don't know what's worse, waiting for it to go live or knowing its live but not being able to see anything on it!

Re Debbie Bliss Magazine...

Regular readers here will know I'm a frequent user of Debbie Bliss yarns and patterns so I was keen to see what the mag would contain. I fought the urge to peek until all was quiet, herbal tea was at the ready. I opened to the inside front cover and the house suddenly shuddered to life - people arrived home with tales to tell and questions to ask and things that needed to urgently be found. Kids who had been silently watching TV appeared to share great and lengthy observations from their day at school. The next hour was pandalerium and then just as quickly as the melee had begun, it ended. My tea was gone as was my last bit of energy for the day. All I can say about the magazine thus far then is that it has a very nice cover!

Re Friends

To date I really haven't visited Ravelry often and when I do I pretty much only look at other people's stuff - I already know about my own and as far as Ravelry goes, my own is woefully out of date so its a bit stressful to go look at it. I didn't know "friends" were a part of Ravelry then I saw that I had messages?! I clicked to find the friend requests. I reciprocated their kind gesture and tentatively included a little message. I hope that 's what all the "cool" kids do!;)

Re: My first Award!

Finally and frankly most exciting was Crazy Crocheter noting my blog, among 7 or 8 of her other favourites as being worthy of a "Brilliant" award! I'm utterly flattered and pleased to say the least - especially given the others on her list. Now I need to post the Avatar for the award on my blog and pass on the names of my 7 favourites. I can name the seven but how do I get the avatar? I've downloaded it into my machine but I can't seem to get it into Blogger. I'm going to keep trying though. If I can't do it, I'll still post my nominees tomorrow perhaps avatar-less but I'll post them for sure! In the meantime, go see Crazy Crocheter - she is actually a keen new knitter and her enthusiasm is infectious! (You can also see the elusive avatar there). I follow most of her nominees already - they are all great and the ones on her list that were new to me I've now bookmarked for future visits.


CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I had the same problem with Knitty - the site was so slooooooow.
As for Debbie Bliss, I am sure you'll like it. It has a lot of interesting designs.

Acorn to Oak said...

Congrats on the "Brilliant" award! That's really cool! :-)

Ooooh! A new Knitty?! I'm going now! :-)

Stephanie said...

Knitty has some nice sock patterns this issue! And I'm glad you got your Ravelry messages. The 'friends' feature is pretty nice, I think. =)

Congratulations on the Brilliant Blog award! I am definitely going to check out Crazy Crocheter's blog and other Brilliant Blogs. I love that thing.