Check this Out...

In the past couple of years we knitters have been treated to so many new fiber choices in our yarns. Silk, soy, hemp, milk protein(?), seaweed(!). I think we've also been in a collective love affair with extreme softness - who hasn't been knitting with Alpaca? Even Mission Falls is now offering a new wool yarn with next to the skin softness.

But now I'm seeing a fair number of references to being drawn back to pure unadulterated wool. I must admit to being of a similar mind as I plan my fall knitting and I've been blown away by one FO in particular that demonstrates the benefits of just such an approach

Its a knit that features no fancy colours or variegation's. Its a demonstration of what can happen when a sheep, a spinner and a knitter pool their resources. Undyed, admittedly scratchy wool with a traditional pattern in the hands of a skilled and determined knitter. Check it out and be inspired. I sure was when I saw it!


Acorn to Oak said...

That shawl is beautiful. It's amazing how blocking transformed it soooo much! Wow!

I love natural fibers. There's something magical about them. So many are very itchy against the skin though. It's fun seeing the new yarns like kelp/silk that are sooooo incredibly soft. A bit pricey though. Some bamboo is nice too but I'm not sure if it'll be great for winter. It lacks the fluffy/fuzzy factor. lol

Sandra said...

Thanks! "admittedly scratchy" - yeah that describes it. I love it, but I want to knit it again, in alpaca!