Back to Reality

Our summer at the lake is done. The final two weeks when everyone is relaxed are always the best and this year didn't disappoint. We had lots of fun adventures...

Our friends with the float plane came for their annual visit.

They treated us to another wonderful air born tour of our "neighbourhood".

Their dog wears ear protection in the plane!

We enjoyed peach (pie) season - four pies in two weeks! Thank goodness the season's short!

We marvelled at the dense morning fog that happens occasionally in August at the cottage.There was wonderful entertainment both inside...
and out...

It was great but I think we're all ready for all the exciting new things September can bring. (Hopefully it won't bring blisters after the new school shoes were broken in - so funny to see dress shoes on a boy on the dock!)
Following the graduations of last June of course there are new schools to explore. Dinner conversation this evening should be full of great stories of today's adventures.

Knitting did happen over the last two weeks. I worked on the two baby boat sweaters but didn't get them all the way across the finish line as I'd hoped. The shapeless knitting with minimal pattern was just the thing to do when I did have time but the total volume seems to have exceeded my knitting capacity by about two little sleeves.

The sweaters have utterly ceased to entertain me. Some past recipients of my baby hand knits didn't appreciate my little creations and felt they needed to share that with me. I had determined never to knit baby gifts again as a result and its a long story why I am nonetheless doing so but its tainting my enjoyment of finishing them. I want them done and gone ASAP. Besides they're also in the way of other knitting! My mind has been chewing away on possibilities for autumn projects as I've crawled through VK and IK as well as the latest bunch of pattern books I borrowed from the Library. I can't imagine what I'll be desperate to make once I catch up with what's on line!
That will have to wait though - I can't ignore the mountains of laundry that are calling to me any longer! Hopefully I'll get some good knitting time in tonight after dinner!


Sandra said...

We had the glorious 3 day weekend as well, and had to drag ourselves away to get back for school today. I a;ways love the dinner conversation after the first day.

Rae said...

Oof that stinks that your baby prezzies were under-appreciated. That's really the risk we take with giving handmade gifts -- in the end, it's more a gift to yourself because you enjoy making it, not because the recipient will appreciate it (since unless they are knitters too, they probably won't).

I read someone's thoughts on that on another blog recently, and it struck me that I need an attitude re-adjustment in that department. It's really not worth giving a handmade gift unless you really enjoy making it.

Acorn to Oak said...

It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time. It sure sounds like a great place to go and it looks beautiful!

I like the picture of the dog with his ear protection. So cute!

Good luck with the baby sweaters. I hope they like them. It's kinda frustrating when people don't appreciate our handmade gifts. Unless they knit, it's probably impossible to understand. It's caused me to become a bit selfish with my knitting. I tend to make most things for myself and only a select few people who will appreciate and enjoy such gifts. I agree with the "Rae" on the previous comment...that it needs to be enjoyable to make. That makes it a great knit no matter what. :-)