Its been a week of getting ready for that nasty "Back to School". We've taken care of business in that regard so now I can transport my charges back up north to enjoy their last extended stay of the season at the cottage.

The rain this summer has the forests up north looking very lush and green but last week some red and orange started to appear at the edges of some of the maple leaves around our cottage. I choose to view this not as a sign of autumn but rather only late summer which I do love. After all August is...

  • Corn on the Cob Season
  • The time when the bugs at the cottage are largely gone
  • The best sailing season of the summer
  • Ideal for bon fires by the lake because its getting dark earlier so they don't have to start at 10:00 pm.
  • An opportunity to rather effortlessly enjoy the garden at home and the boats at the cottage since the back breaking work required by each early in the season has been done.
  • Unlike July, when the kids are unwinding from the previous school year, in August they're relaxed and fun to be with.
  • When the fall issue of Interweave Knits comes out on the 19th!

And speaking of knitting ...

  • I've got that new yarn from yesterday's outing for a couple of baby gifts that should be pretty fast and fun and a change from the other more plodding stuff I've been doing this summer.
  • I've been to the library for knitting books to scatter about the cottage for "atmosphere" and anytime vicarious thrills.
  • I've got the new Vogue Knitting already packed.
  • I've been on line looking at everyone else's cue and reading about their plans for maximum inspiration.
  • In the knit blog rhealm there's going to be some radio silence around here until that first week in September - not because I won't have lots of knitting fodder but just because I'm not planning on being around here much or possibly at all.

In the meantime, happy knitting everyone. Enjoy the best of whatever late August means in your part of the world!

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Acorn to Oak said...

I didn't realize that leaves could start changing colors so soon. That's really interesting. I've seen that on a couple of other blogs this week too. Our seasons don't differ very much here. We do get some leaf color changes but not a lot and it's often pretty late. I bet it's soooo gorgeous there in the Fall!

Sounds like you're set for some great inpiration, knitting, and fun with your kids for the end of summer. Have a wonderful time!