I am totally in love with visiting this little teaser site! Maybe this is something that isn't new or original as a device to get people anticipating the launch of something but its new to me and I think its just brilliant! I can't wait to see the site when its up!

I visit every day at the end of my rounds of the blogs. (I don't subscribe to anything - only visit places when I feel like it)

If you haven't already - give it a try!

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Acorn to Oak said...

That "teaser" is interesting. I'm curious and will check it out from time to time too.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Weaving with chenille is fun and quick. I got a deal on lots of cones of chenille years ago when a weaving store went out of business. I've made a lot of towels and rugs out of it.

I enjoyed looking at some of your projects via your labels on the side. I love your blue socks. They look so soft and comfy with a great fit!

Happy knitting and weaving.

Cheryl :-)