Long Weekend Knitting or How I Plan to Pay Tribute to Queen Victoria's Birth

Well the first long weekend of the Canadian summer is upon us - the one dedicated to the birth of Queen Victoria. We are cottage bound and as is sometimes the case here in Ontario this very early "summer weekend" forecast sounds perfect for spending hours by the fire with yarn and needles in hand. Its time for the Bonbon Pullover knitting to commence.

The charts are done with revised colour choices having been made. Necessary needles are assembled and all skeins of Sheldridge Farm W4 Worsted have been hand wound into centre pull balls. I've already had three weeks of intermittent enjoyment out of this project and I haven't cast on a stitch. I love everything about knitting!

For my car knitting I will be starting the helix striped socks in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (colour 202 which is light blue and the basic white). I hope to get them cast on and ready for striping tonight so I don't need to look too much while driving and so avoid car sickness.
I love the feel of this yarn and just find the soft blue colourway to be utterly charming. My plan for these is to make them a bit on the big side with no cuffs. I want them kind of slouchy as I only plan to wear them as comfort socks in bed or fireside - that kind of thing. Many thanks to the incomparable Grumperina for the inspiration on these and the one and only Montse Stanley for the how to!

I know that the plans for many "May 24" weekends will be stymied, sullied or hampered by the weather and cold. How lucky I am to have an activity to look forward to that defies weather!(Plus we did the grunt work of opening up our little place in the woods for the season last weekend!) So come what may, the Bonbon and I will no doubt have a satisfying and utterly relaxing weekend together with my family at our precious little lakeside retreat.
Pardon us Your Majesty if we are too busy lying around knitting to stand up when we sing Happy Birthday to Your Royal Highness!

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