A Little Knitting, a Bit of Ripping...

There was knitting this weekend, although much less than was planned.

Cooking and baking took more time than necessary. After seven months away from the cottage I had to keep stopping to wonder where the spatulas were or whether I had remembered to bring vanilla extract and if so where the heck it was... and so on. I prefer to cook and bake on automatic pilot. Get it done so the eating can commence and the knitting resume!

Knitting on Bonbon did happen but it was followed by a bit of ripping back.

The section with all the small dots wouldn't "read" as dots on the right side when I left floats long enough to maintain the proper width. Instead the dots kind of sank back into the fabric and disappeared. When I tightened up the floats so the dots looked good, my width measurement shrank.

Having finished playing with the tension variable I'm going to try cutting and starting colours from both sides for this section. Less floating = more sewing in of ends but hopefully will solve the problems.

The section ahead of the dots is fine though and I am very happy with the colour combination and the yarn.

The Mission Falls (white) is much thicker than the Sheldridge Farm but I don't mind given where and how the white is being used in the pattern.

Helix socks were started, the knitting with Cashmerino being very much enjoyed and then the poor thing was ripped right back to nothin'. Too big, too slouchy. Ease can be such a killer! Time to start again. They did fill the car time en route to the cottage very nicely though!

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