Knitting=Patience=Happy Mom

I went to the Yarn Harlot's reading last night at the local library's Uptown Author Series. It was more of a discussion than the program she usually delivers though the topic was centred on the theme of her latest book; how knitting affects the brain.

The discussion of patience was paticularly apt given my day today...

... the majority of which I spent in the car at the City Cross Country Finals (third week in a row). What do you think I was doing? I was being patient aka knitting.

My second born ran in the first race so the excitement was over early after a mere two hours of waiting. Then I spent three hours blissfully finishing socks that distinctly remind me of the colour of water. That's them in the foreground (backup projects and knitting reading just in case of sock completion in the background)

The point Ms. Pearl McPhee made was that to people who say they haven't the patience to knit, knitters don't have the patience to wait without something to do. Further once we have our fibery diversion we have patience aplenty and are generally all round happier people.

I had a happy day! I hope you did too!

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