Bonbon Status

One of the body pieces is done - second one is started.

In the end the dots section had to be ripped back and done a third time due to utterly stupid row counting errors.

I love how often the colours and patterns change - its like eating peanuts - you just want to keep going. Then you have the expanse of straight knitting for a bit of a break before you start with the colours at the bottom of the next piece!

Knitting in public yesterday prompted two spontaneous interactions with strangers. One was with a knitter interested for knitterly reasons and the other a non knitter who naturally expressed the fact that she hadn't the patience to knit. She did ask if I would consider selling the sweater when it was done so I think my colour choices are not just appealing to me as I feared they might.

I'm very glad to be knitting in pieces rather than in the round as I've seen some on Ravelry are doing. The difference between the colour work and the straight knitting is quite significant in weight and I can see how, as the pattern states, the side seams will give needed structure to the piece.

So Bonbon will be my knitting focus for the weekend. No drive north to the cottage is planned so I'll actually have to steal time from the garden and seasonal house chores. I'm secretly hoping to have the second body panel done by the start of the next week!

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