Better Late Than Never

Pattern: My Own Basic Top Down
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight
Colour: Metamorphic
Needles: 2.25mm dpns
Started: May 5 Finished: May 15, 2008

Well they weren't done in time for Mother's Day but I was close! I made it to the heel on the second sock over last weekend but I didn't get them across the finish line until yesterday.

As I mentioned last post I am not thrilled with this yarn although wearing the socks under black pants I must admit made me more impressed with the colourway than I was the whole time I was knitting them.

This pooling after the heel is quite disturbing - its worst on this sock but evident on both. At least when your foot is flexed when standing the pool is slightly less noticeable. This would not be the case were the pool on a flat section of the sock.

I have to say I didn't even enjoy the tactile experience of knitting with this yarn which is a bit of a relief. Having too many favourites can be exhausting and so far out of the half dozen different types of sock yarn I've used to date, this is the first I haven't fallen for.

The socks themselves do feel nice though, both when being squished in the hand or worn on the foot. I think my mother will love them. They are totally her colours and she will be pleased I made them so quickly just for her Mother's Day tribute (even if I did miss by a couple of days!)

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