What's Up in the Garden

Galanthus nivalis...the common snow drop - shown here the day after the last of the snow through which it bloomed, melted away...
Old Fashioned Rhubarb from my Mother-in-Law's yard poking up under the New Dawn Climbing Rose... I can almost taste the pies and crumbles and muffins already!

Little wee bulbous iris - this one is iris reticulata Harmony... We top dressed some of the gardens as well as the lawn in the back on the weekend so I'm ready to plant some lettuces and maybe spring onions. I will also get the herbs I will eventually plant in pots outside (mint, rosemary, basil) and my annual collection of pansies for the planters.

The front yard has just today lost the last of its snow so I hope to clean that up tomorrow before we get some rain over the following few days.

I'm looking forward to knitting by the freshly washed windows this weekend watching the rain come down on a garden that's ready to go and grow!

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