I finally put my name on the list.

I use the Microsoft One Note program on our computer to keep track of details and organize my meagre little stash. Its quite an effective little tool so I didn't feel the need to do so on line but more and more often I find links on blogs that I can't access and I feel out of the loop. I can't appreciate the things to which people are referring so I thought I shouldn't hang back any longer.

After months filled with knitting small though rewarding projects I'm feeling the need to embark on a sweater. The last two I made were beautiful upon completion but apparently knit for someone with an utterly different body than mine. In my rush to cast on, I basically just rushed and cast on. Then I knit like a madwoman for weeks and ended up with perfect but shockingly miniaturized versions of what I was actually going for.

I've been following along with the tutorial on adapting patterns for the best fit that Sandi Wisehart is offering at the Interweave Knits blog. I also learned a lot from a previous lesson she did on ease. I'm feeling a little bit more confident about trying my hand at altering a pattern and after reading posts over the last couple of weeks at ten ten knits about her first foray into designing something for the first time I am thinking I should at least be brave enough to try altering a pattern!

Based on what they say on the site when you sign up about how long it takes to get to the front of the cue I am thinking that I will be in sometime next week!

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