Everything but blogging about it!

Life has been getting the way of posting!

Knitting has been happening - although kind of brainless, unexciting knitting. It has been more of the soothing, relaxing sort but knitting has been done and even a long overdue FO created.

Lots of other good knit blog fodder has also been occurring.

Knit-related shopping has been happening - second hand store pattern shopping and also yarn shopping at the yarn show known in Toronto as the DKC Knitter's Frolic.

I've been doing much soul searching regarding sweater knitting. I've had an "aha!" moment with regards to my favoured patterns to knit verses styles for me to wear. These two groups of patterns have little if anything in common - 'kind of a problem.

I've been measuring up the store bought clothes I like that fit and suit me to try to figure out sizing for my next sweater project. (I've decided to adopt a new approach and knit something for myself that has half a chance of fitting me!)

I've finally been invited to join Ravelry and so I've naturally been poking around in there and starting to get my stuff organized to set up my pages.

I'm even trying a new cast on for my latest pair of Trekking Socks.

So next up? Get some photos organized and post!

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