Socks for Jeans

This was one of the treasures I brought home from a recent trip to visit a local mega yarn store that boasts a wall of sock yarn that's easily 15' long by 10' high. It was a wonderful antidote to my snow-induced colour starvation and offered a break from my nasty black sock project.

Its Lana Grossa Meilenweit colour #8003. I could hardly wait to get home and cast on for some dead simple plain old top down stockinette socks. It has the perfect colours for jeans and just about any colour you might want to wear with them. Its also the first obviously self striping yarn I've used so that was fun. (I know I must have been living under a rock to have avoided this stuff for this long but better late than never!) I started one sock from the middle of the ball and one from the outside and I'm quite pleased with the matching of the stripes from one sock to the next. See it close up...
and from further away...

This yarn may have great colour but it isn't the softest in the hand. With 20% Polyamide content - its a hard wearing sock yarn and it feels like it but it means I can look forward to having and enjoying these socks for a long time! Its also a bit heavier than much of the sock yarn I've used in the past so they flew off the needles.

This yarn comes with 420m to the ball - easily enough for two socks but I 'm a tight knitter (one yarn store employee recently described my tension as "board like") so I am always leery of running out of yarn.

In the end I had just enough to do the job. (Leftover yarn on the left. A new ball for reference on the right. That ball belongs to my Aunt - having it around as I finished the second sock was like knitting with sock insurance! I liked the yarn but not enough to buy a second ball - if I had run out I would have re-knit the toes with contrasting colour ) So I'm very happy with these both as a project and for wearing!

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