My First Post

As a young child I watched the hands of my mother, aunt and grandmother as they knit. In the English style they “threw” the yarn around the needle in a way that seemed efficient, mechanical, and yet magical as yarn went in and fabric came out - sometimes, in the case of socks, of course, the actual garment came out and all this, often without more than the occasional glance being given to the work.

I vowed someday I too would master that appearance of a skilled knitter! How funny to think of it now but then I really was drawn to and by the technique and little else!

Eventually I perfected that “throw” just as I remembered it and it was then I began to think of myself as a knitter.

Of course, I've since learned through my knitting and reading in blogland of other's experiences and through countless hours on web sites and in yarn shops, at Guild meetings and yarn festivals that there is so much to be valued about knitting. There are brilliantly developed patterns, gorgeous tactile fibres, facinating producers of fibre from around the world and around the corner. There are even dozens of challenging techniques there for the mastery whenever, if ever, the mood strikes!

As for blogging, I’ve recently found myself recording photos and details about knitting projects and even thinking of my FO’s WIP’s and those forlorn UFO’s as blog posts rather than just as my knitting records.

Commenting on blogs after having enjoyed the blogger's post is starting to feel awkward; as though, without a blog, I can’t “invite them back to my place” so to speak and it feels rather anti social. So I am going to give the knit blogging thing a try - beginning with this post I guess I can say...

...Welcome to my blog!