Back to the Drawing Board

Just a note before getting to the meat of the matter - I'm feeling oh so responsible taking time and care to both plan and swatch and then, when swatching revealed something other than "what a great idea", I didn't whine, instead listened to the thing and moved on, better informed and hopeful of an improved outcome. How many, many years its taken me toe realize the value in such an approach! Better late than never though.

I'm told by my Review Committee (Darling Daughter - close friend of recipients),  my swatch for "Welsh Blanket" is "dingy" and I concede, it is. Important not to take offence that unlike me, she doesn't mourn the need to let go of one vision for another. She's quite free of passion for creative pursuits - more of a mechanic than an artist - and so just calls 'em as she sees 'em.

To me though, in that dinginess is the feeling of well worn denim - useful, comfortable, practical, ready for years of use filled with kids and dogs and family life.

For young women just starting out , thrilled with the prospect of a shiny, new, first married home" I get it might read instead a bit "university dorm".

Importantly I'm also told it doesn't look like something the recipients would choose for themselves if they saw it in a shop.

So back to Ravelry, where "Nebraska Throw" jumps out from among my favourites. Quince and Co. patterns have a rustic delicacy about them that to me feels quietly feminine, young and fresh - just what I'm looking for. "Committee" says absolutely perfect!

Then I focussed on searching superwash yarn (Committee says that would be preferable) in the rustic colours of the wedding invitation. 'Can't go wrong with those can I? Committee says "great idea!"

So I ended up with a less graphic design, hopefully to stand the test of time across many years of married bliss.

The web told me only Eweknit had enough Berroco Vintage "Oats" and "Douglas Fir" in stock so off we went and picked it up then I came home and cast on before the bulk of the snow started to fall yesterday.

None of this means I'll be returning the original yarn I picked up at Romni of course!

As soon as it seemed the Welsh Blanket was doomed My Beloved requested a "Dunaway" scarf in the blue yarn. (He's been coveting one since seeing the navy version Darling Daughter knit as a Christmas gift.)

As for the natural, buff coloured "baby" yarn, of which there's about 800 meters, it might become a rustic baby wrap of some kind...like a "Kelpie" shawl knit in a square or a vintage baby piece. Time will tell.

So "The King is dead, long live the King".  One project was swatched right out the window, another project cast on to take its place.

And there's new yarn and knitting aspirations in the house to boot.

All something to ruminate on while I bathe and groom a certain grimy cream poodle today.

Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

LOL! Gotta love kids. I thought it was only sons that were so brutally honest. I had noticed your Nebraska start on my 'friends' page before I read the blog post and thought
"OMGosh. She'making two blankets. How ambitious."

LynS said...

Some great patterns here. I didn't know the 'Dunaway' scarf and I'd forgotten the Jared Flood 'Kelpie'. Thanks for reminding me. Having just unravelled a half-finished scarf after a frank comment from a friend and begun a much more satisfactory substitute, I think there's much to be gained from listening to honest disinterested opinions!

Steven said...

I'm loving the grayscale turn of your latest projects! That throw is going to be beautiful.